One-on-One Retouching Training


Why Choose One-on-One Training?

Online lessons are great for getting you started with retouching but one-on-one lessons help take your existing skills to the next level and help to refine your workflow and techniques. I can demonstrate on mine or your own images and will also review and provide feedback on your retouching. As opposed to a one-sided demonstration, these sessions are meant to be collaborative and interactive, helping you improve your skills quickly and efficiently. As a bonus, any retouching done on one of your images will be yours to keep and provided to you as a layered PSD after the lesson.

What is Covered

Topics covered will vary depending on what level you are at and what your goals are. The sessions are tailored specifically for each person and can focus whatever is preferred or needs improvement . The direction of the lessons will be determined by email prior to the lesson and any supporting materials should be sent over to me at least a day prior to allow for adequate preparation.

Training Details

Training sessions start at one hour and can be up to three hours in length for a single session with half hour increments.  For the first free consultation session, we will review your work and discuss areas that you would like to improve and schedule future sessions from there.

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In Person Sessions

1 SESSION - $150               

2 SESSIONS - $250             

3 SESSIONS - $350           


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Virtual Person Sessions

1 SESSION - $100

2 SESSIONS - $175

3 SESSIONS - $250          


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