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What is this?

The Him Over There Academy is a 4 week hands on photography training program where students will receive in studio training in addition to being trained on high end retouching.  There is a group session class as well as individualized one on one training. 


Group VS Individual

The group class that will meet every Sunday from 1pm - 5pm.  The first half of the group class students will be taught different and affordable light set ups and get the opportunity to shoot an experienced model.  The second half we will sit down and retouch an image that we've shot.

The individual sessions will be personalized to each student.  Though it will still be a 4 week program it will be more direct and customized to you.  We will begin with a meeting separate from classes where we discuss what you want to learn or what do you want to improve on and start from there.  We will have one session every week where we focus on what needs to be strengthened.


What will you learn?

Photoshop & Lightroom

Advanced Retouching Techniques

Studio lightingPosing

Manual shooting

Body Contouring

Color Grading

Gear Selection


Who is this for?

Both options are aimed towards beginning to intermediate photographers that are looking to start their photography career or just looking to improve their current skill set.  

By the end of the 4 weeks you will notice an amazing improvement of your understanding of studio lighting and photography.


Group Class

Price : $500

Deposit to secure : $250

Next Start date : 10/3/2021

Students will receive an editing tablet with purchase.

Note : Full price must be paid before class starts.

Classes are group based so can not be rescheduled if missed.

Individual Sessions

Price : $750

Deposit to secure : $325

Start date : Based on your schedule

Students will receive an editing tablet with purchase.

Note : Full price must be paid before 1st session starts.